Play Angry Birds Fight on Laptop – Bigger Birds are More Fun

Andry Birds is probably one of the most popular mobile games ever to have embraced the smaller screen. Imagine how amazing it would be to play Angry Birds Fight on laptop? The Bigger screen means more fun.

its fun to play Angry Birds fight on laptop

If you want to play this latest game in massively popular Angry Birds games series on a PC, follow the tutorial below. We’ve covered everything in this guide from installing the necessary software on your PC to running the game itself.

You will simply need to stay with me in this handbook.

How to play Angry Birds Fight on laptop?

There is one simple Angry Birds fight hack that will let you play the game on a laptop. You need to install an emulator for that.

But I won’t leave you in the dark. Let me tell you what is an emulator and how it works.

An Android emulator is a virtual Android device that runs on your PC. It lets you play Android games and run Android apps on a computer.

There are plenty of free Android emulators for PC in the market. You can download any one of them for this tutorial. I recommend these three free ones.

Install one of these emulators on your computer to play Angry Birds Fight on laptop. Once it’s done, scroll below for a complete guide on how to install your favorite game on PC using this emulator.

REMEMBER: If there are any issues during the installation of one of these emulators, you can always ask me for help via comments under this post. But please don’t spam.

Keep reading for download and installation guide for the Angry Birds Fight game.

Download and installation guide

To download the game, you have to run the emulator first.

Once it shows a virtual mobile device, sign in using your Android/Google account. If you don’t have an account already, you can create one right away.

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If for some reason, you don’t want to sign in using a Google account, I will explain how to install the game without using it. Just keep reading.

Angry Birds Fight download for PC

Now it’s time to download the game. Follow the final steps below to play Angry Birds Fight on laptop.

Step 1: Open Play store on your virtual mobile device that’s running on your laptop. I mean the Android emulator.

Step 2: Search for your game in the Play store.

Step 3: Install Angry Birds.

Step 4: Run the game by going to app-drawer/app-menu on your virtual device.

Step 5: Enjoy the game!

No Google account? No problem.

I hear you. You don’t have a Google account or you don’t want to use one to play this game.

You’re not alone. There is help for you. Scroll below.

To play this game without using a Google account, you will need to download Angry Birds Fight apk on your PC. Double-click the apk file and it will automatically load in your Android emulator.

To download apk file for Angry Birds game, do a Google search. Make sure you download the apk file from an authentic website. Many apk files distributed over the internet contain viruses.

I recommend you get a Google account and use the above-mentioned original method using Play store.




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