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Yes Chef! Device is brought to you from the makers of Fruit Ninja. Start cooking with Yes Chef! Device and you find yourself with lots of fun on your plate! Yes Chef! is an exciting puzzle game that plays with food. You will be helping Cherry, an apprentice as she dreams of becoming the world’s greatest chef. It’s a trip all around the world in a search for the best recipes that Cherry can cook in her own restaurant. Download Yes Chef! Device for PC and laptop that follows after our description of some of the key features of the game.

Yes Chef! Device Is a game of match – a 3 match puzzle. The objective is match three or more ingredients for over 100 recipes to try to discover the perfect seasoning for each dish. There is plenty of fun to be had with timed challenges and food preparation tasks at every stage. A great advantage if you download Yes Chef! Device is that you challenge your friends to play on Facebook and the game is great to play on a wide variety of tablets and mobile devices.

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Download Yes Chef! Device for PC and Laptop

To play Yes Chef! on your windows device, you first need to put the Youwave app on your machine All you need to do is follow this:

  • To download the YouWave app click here
  • Step 2  – Install
  • Press the following: Open – View – Online Content
  • Search for Yes Chef! Start the download to your machine
  • When that’s over ‘Agree’ and ‘Continue’
  • Get cooking with Yes Chef!


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