Download Video Collage Maker for BlackBerry

Download Video Collage Maker for BlackBerry

A video collage is the linking/editing of 2 or more pieces of video footage. Video Collage Maker is a handy app that allows the user to engrave images and videos and comes with the added option of collective setting.

Not only will Video Collage Maker let you create slideshows of all your favourite photos and videos, it will also allow you to add an impressive array of effects, including text and music. The app is intuitive, fast and easy to use. Before you know it, you will be creating high quality video collages with ease!

You really want to see just how fabulous this application is. Photos and videos are great anyway but this gives you so much more. It brings a still image to life and does amazing things with videos – stuff you wouldn’t believe!

There is a bit of bad news – Unfortunately, the app is not accessible on BlackBerry devices. However, we’ve got a great solution for you: by turning on the ‘Allow apps from other sources to be installed’ in Settings, you will be able to download this great app.

Try Video Collage Maker for BlackBerry

Video Collage Maker isn’t available in the Blackberry World App Store so you will need to manually download.

It doesn’t matter – just do this:

  • Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘App Manager’
  • Go to ‘Installing Apps’ within ‘App Manager’ and switch ‘Allow apps from other sources to be installed’ to ‘on’.
  • Using the search tab and look for ‘Video Collage Maker’
  • Download the app and install
  • Open the app and you are ready to start making amazing video collages!

You can now start to make collages with your videos on your Blackberry.

Let us know how you get on  – Have fun!




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