Install The Sims FreePlay for PC (Windows 7, 8, XP)

The Sims FreePlay for PC

The Sims FreePlay is a free version from the massively popular Sims series. The Sims FreePlay maintains features you will recognize from the series in this excellent real-time life simulation game.

You can have lots of fun constructing houses with several storeys and added extras such as swimming pools. Varied activities to try include caring for pets, growing your garden or baking. As you move in real time you can choose babies or elder Sims to look after and try to make them achieve their life dreams.

You can visit other Sims towns and try to hit targets and form new friendships. By winning lifestyle points you can purchase a range of items to improve the quality of your Sims life.


How to get The Sims FreePlay on PC or Laptop

You might be thinking that you would like to play The Sims FreePlay on your computer at home, but you just don’t know how to do it – or even if it’s possible.

By getting hold of an app player, you can enjoy The Sims FreePlay on your machine. It’s not difficult to set up either. You can to get the it here is the official site of Bluestacks.

Just work steadily through the steps of instructions that guide you through the task of downloading and installing the software and The Sims FreePlay will be good to go on your laptop or PC.

On-screen messages show you the way. It’s a simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Latest Comments
  1. Braden

    I have downloaded the bluestacks but dont know where to go to find the APP then to type in the Freeplay sims to download. Help please

    • shona

      you need to tap the orange tab that says SEARCH under it

    • ghislaine

      i hate bluestacks because it cant downoad the GAME and I kove the game so much and I need it, I have been looking for this game for months because I left this game in level 30 and I dont want to begin at level 1

      • Rameez

        Hello Ghislaine…you should instead try the Andy emulator because that works fine for the games where Bluestacks does not and do let me know.

    • eric

      blue stacks is for CLASH OF CLANS and y do u need blue stacks

  2. shona

    You didn’t say that you needed to sign into google play! I dont have a google play account, the person in my family who does is asleep!

    • ana

      I have downloaded the bluestacks and i search the sims freeplay. but not found. why?

  3. anne

    whyy its not working

    • Rameez

      Hey Anne try using another emulator such as Andy and it will work fine

      • anne


        • Rameez

          Andy is an emulator just like Bluestacks which you can download from and it is an alternative for Bluestacks and you will be able to play your game easily buy downloading this software.
          Let me know if it was helpful..

  4. anne


  5. glenn mark

    i already downloaded bluestacks and i have searched the sims freeplay but there is no download button only install. please help me i wanna play this game. 🙁

  6. glenn mark

    i hate bluestacks i finished it downloading but it does not have download button when i searched the game !

  7. glenn mark

    sucks! i love this game but its so hard to download it!

  8. eric

    this sux so badly i lag so much someone come to my house and help w/ it

  9. Erika

    We downloaded this for our PC but the tutorial gives instructions for touch-screen computers only. We have tried everything but still can’t even get the screen to rotate during the tutorial using our mouse and standard keyboard. What is the fix for this? Or do I just have to have a touch-screen?

  10. Mo

    I’ve been playing Freeplay on Bluestacks for over 2 yrs, but with the recent update, some of the items in the store, as well as the character icons aren’t visible, only showing light blue or completely white.
    I’ve submitted numerous tickets to BS, with no response…. Any suggestions? I’ve already tried to uninstall, then reinstall, deleting the app from my facebook, even deleting BS completely before retrying to install.
    It was an android issue, but it has since been fixed on the droids.

  11. zelda

    you relly cant download it on pc becus it mobal devise onley you have to dot It in the goggle play store or apple or amozon so this web site is a fake

  12. Lynn

    So I’ve downloaded it, but I have 2 problems so far…
    1) I cannot see anything in the DNA tabs, ie pants, hair etc
    2) I’m stuck at the “rotate screen part of the tutorial. I downloaded this for a laptop & cannot “rotate” the screen & the keysets don’t help for that

    • same

      I don’t know how to set my keyboard to play the game

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