Download Tengai for PC (Windows 7, 8, XP)

Tengai is an amazing  arcade shooting game which is based on Sengoku Ace. The beta versions of the game that were launched proved very popular and the game is also now extremely popular on mobile platforms. In this post, we will go through some of the game’s key features and tell you all about a straightforward way to download Tengai for PC.


Features of Tengai

Tengai comes with multi-language support and is available in five different languages. Tengai benefits from easy game controls which are simple to get the hang of and master. There are six different characters that undergo transformations during combat. Even when you get to the final round there are more challenges to be had to try to beat your best score.

How to Play Tengai on PC

The beta version of Tengai was available on multiple platforms and even some consoles too. Tengai is readily available for Android smartphones and tablets free at Google Play. However you can download Tengai for PC just by installing a clever bit of software. The beauty of it is that you’ve got it on yours system, you can convert any game for Android

Take a look at the website of Bluestacks

The software needs to download and install. After that’s done (it shouldn’t take too long), just start a search for Tengai.

When you see it appear in front of you on the screen, click Open.

Tengai will start loading up when you follow the instructions

That’s it! Tengai is now installed and ready to play. Write a reply below if you have any comments.

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