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Temple Run is the popular game where you never stop running.Android smartphones and tablets are compatible devices. In Temple Run, and evil monkey  chases you as you endlessly run away or fall into the pits. The objective of Temple Run is to collect as many as coins you can while you are running and gain the highest scores.

You have stolen a sacred idol from the temple and the protector of that idol (the evil monkey) is chasing you to stop you from getting that idol with you. We will tell you how you can download Temple Run for PC or laptop – in fact and Windows device will do, but take a breath and first find out a bit more about just what it is that makes Temple Run so amazing and awesome.


Why is Temple Run so great?


The game is all set in temple environments with cliffs right next to you. It features many obstacles to stand in your way too. You need to clear them or ensure you are not caught by them. There are a variety of power-ups and you can upgrade the usage time of the power-ups to enable you to use them for a longer period of time.

There are a variety of characters to pick from – all with different powers. The interface of the game is excellent and the controls are easy to use.

Tips and Tricks of Temple Run

Here are some tips which you should follow to help you hitth the highest scores and will also help you in collecting maximum number of coins.

  • Use the resurrections in the game to run for a longer duration. If you are close to beating your highscore and you die suddenly use a resurrection. You can buy resurrections from the app or also trade coins for them.
  • The speed of your character will increase after some time. When the time comes that the speed of your character increases and it gets difficult for you to control your character. Deliberately not skipping an obstacle will slow you down and help you regain control.

How to Play Temple Run for PC

If you want to have the entire running experience of Temple Run on your PC, you just need one software. Follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Download and Install Bluestacks from here
  • Open the software after you have installed it
  • Go to the Search Bar and type in ‘Temple Run’
  • You will see ‘Temple Run’ in the results at the top of your screen, so you can open and get the download started.
  • Once it has downloaded, open it and you are ready to play Temple Run on your PC.

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