Download Talkray Phone and Laptops for PC (Windows 7, 8, XP)

Download Talkray for PC and Laptop

Talkray is one of the best free messaging apps that you can get your hands on. With Talkray you have the convenience of sending and receiving messages, pictures and Voice calling. Nothing too exceptional about that – it is similar to WeChat, Viber and other apps that offer pretty much the same thing. But what makes Talkray stand out from the crowd as free messaging app is the group calling feature. Later we will show you how you can download Talkray Phone and Laptops for PC – but let us look at Talkray’s brilliant features.

Talkray is optimized to enable clear calling worldwide and it’s good with data usage too. It uses up less data than other messaging apps. It is synched to your phone contact list and up to 25 can be involved in a group message or call. A push option gives you the opportunity to share images, voice recordings or multimedia with friends.

There are several reasons why Talkray is a must-have app. As well as the great features it offers it comes with absolutely no hidden cost – nothing, including group calls or international calls, will cost you a penny. Messages and calls are deleted from your device automatically and Talkray is also free of ads. Talkray supports a wide range of languages and all devices.


How to download Talkray for Windows phone, Laptop and PC

You can enjoy the incredible messaging and calling experience of Talkray on any Windows PC, laptop of phone just by following the simple instructions below to install Bluestacks:

  • First you need to download the Bluestacks app to your device.

Just wait patiently for the completion of the process. Now, you can start to install the app and as soon as that is done you can search for ‘Talkray’ in the open app. Just look for the search field – you can’t miss it.

A bit more of a wait follows as you allow time for the game to finish its download. After that’s over though, Talkray will install, without any further action needed from yourself.

And that’s all you need – Talkray, one of the best messaging apps out there is now yours to enjoy.


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  1. Madhusudan Shah

    I download talkray through bluestacks but it is not able to connect to the internet. What to do?

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