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Rival Knights for any computer!

Rival Knights is a battle game providing action adventure and epic expeditions for you to attempt. Rival Knights looks fantastic with superb visuals and graphics that add 3D realism to really catch the eye. It’s fast-paced, action packed and addictive. A range of solo and multiplayer challenges face you as you roam around different kingdoms. You can even enter weekly multiplayer contests to gain the biggest rewards.

Night and day settings and different weather conditions greet you as you try to defeat dangerous enemies in your quest for their crowns and castles. You need to be expert with your aim and timing skills and unlock the various weapons and armour that will aid your valiant fight for victory. A boost feature needs to timed to perfection to ensure you emerge on top. You will absolutely love the motion-capture animations which better anything you will see in a free game.

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How to Play Rival Knights on PC or Laptop?

You’ll need YouWave. It’s easy to load up to your machine – once it’s done you can get games on Android straight to your laptop or PC.

Start up by getting the app. Here you go:

Sorted? Okay the next step after you’ve downloaded and installed it is to get it opened up.

Done that? Great. Next, look for the words ‘Online Content’

Next – Start searching for Rival Knights.

  1. Download 2. Install 3, Agree 4. Continue


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