Install Mirror Photo Phone for BlackBerry

Download Mirror Photo for Blackberry

Blackberry’s Mirror Photo is a picture making tool that allows you to create a mirror reflection upshot for all your images and photos. One side of the original image is replicated to produce a clever sensation of evenness.

The possibilities for your images and photos that Mirror Photo opens up are vast. Up/down, Left/right or repeats. You can also play around with the diverse range of effects and frames to add the finishing touches to your images. Another plus is the fact that you can create collages featuring up to ten images.

Fun can be had with emojis and you can also click on a tab which allows you to share your images with friends and thousands of other users.

Download Mirror Photo for BlackBerry Phone

Mirror Photo can’t be downloaded from the Blackberry World App Store but this doesn’t mean tou will miss out on this incredible little app. By following the simple guidelines below you can manually download Mirror Photo to your device:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘App Manager’
  • In ‘App Manager’, go straight to ‘Installing Apps’
  • Activate the ‘Allow apps from other sources to be installed’ button.
  • Next go to ‘Search’ tab and locate ‘Mirror Photo’
  • Click on the ‘Mirror Photo’ app to start downloading
  • Once downloading is over, click ‘Install’
  • All done! You’re ready to start experimenting with Mirror Photo. Enjoy!

Feel free to let us know any comments you might have about downloading – or the Mirror Photo app in general.

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