Download HDR Camera for PC (Windows 7, 8, XP)

HDR Camera for PC and Laptop

HDR Camera is a remarkable app. High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras are usually the preserve of professional photographers. HDRs have a far superior variety of radiance than your traditional the standard digital cameras that most of us use. This app allows you to take photos with professional quality.

HDR Camera has evolved over time into a full featured camera. It now offers you 11 different shooting modes and complete camera control. With this app you can capture shots with a variety of intensity and with rich detail and vibrant colours.

The list of features and effects on HDR camera are extremely impressive: tone mapping, de-ghosting, geo tagging and flash control are just some, but certainly not all. With HDR Camera you are no longer playing at photography, you are producing photos like a pro!


How to Get HDR Camera on PC, Laptop and Windows Phone?

It really couldn’t be easier to get the fantastic app ‘HDR Camera’ straight to your Windows phone, laptop or on your PC. By downloading an emulator called Bluestacks (get it here:, you get android apps connected to your computer. No problem at all.

Just work through the downloading instructions you see on the Bluestacks site Then you will need to open up the app player when the installation is done and begin searching for ‘HRD Camera’. When the application pops up, click to download it and install it – and you’re all set up. It’s as easy as that!

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