Try Etherlords for Windows 7, 8, XP

Etherlords for Windows Devices

Etherlords is a game of tactics as you take turns and it’s a cracking card-duelling game as well. You will find Etherlords ridiculously addi ctive. You won’t be able to stop trying to become as master of all the skills you need to win the host of 3D battles you will face along the way. A game of skill and judgement is what this is as you try to gather the creatures that will ultimately lead you to victory in the battle for the world.

There are many characteristics and features of Etherlords that will appeal. It’s a highly imaginative fantasy world in the game as you build kingdoms and nourish your lands with your hand-picked creatures You will constantly need to be refining your combat skills if you want to succeed in your quest to be the mightiest of all Etherlords – and with over 180 creatures to collect, conquer or control, there is challenge all the way.

It’s a game of real strategy that will hook you in but it has the advantage of easy controls. You can defeat a foe in less than a minute but it’s not all about the action as you need to seek out secrets and think tactically to progress too.


Getting Etherlords for Windows (7, 8, XP, Vista)

To play Etherlords on a Windows device you will first need to install an emulator to help you convert Android games. The YouWave application is an excellent choice. Look below to get YouWave and then Etherlords on your  Device:

  • Just click here to begin the process
  • Install the app. Wait for the download to be over.
  • After installation, open it up and find the tab that says ‘Online Content
  • Put ‘Etherlords’ into the search bar of the app player and press ‘Enter’
  • Double click on the game to begin the download
  • The game will be installed. Press ‘Agree’ and ‘Continue’
  • Etherlords is ready to play!

Hope you enjoy trying to become a master Etherlord! You are not going to be able to stop yourself playing it!


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