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Crossy Road apk Download

If you would like to play Crossy Road for Android on PC, you have come to the right place! Crossy Road for Android is made by Yodo 1 Games and got a great reception and reviews on its release. It’s got an old school feel about it which reminds you of Flappy Bird. Crossy Road to download for Android and PCis  highly addictive despite it’s really simple play – it’s an endless game with an endless road. The objective is simple: to cross the road safely as many times as possible on Crossy Road. You can download Crossy Road for Android and PC.

As you progress you can unlock different characters and save stranded animals and guide them to the side of the road. You need to try not to stand still for too long or you will be caught by the aeroplane which flies above. You can collect coins by staying on the move and going left and right. In between roads there are other obstacles to face such as rivers and railways will require timing and great skill if you want to high score on Crossy Road. Carry on reading to learn how to download for Android smartphones and PC.

Below you will find two key pieces of guidance. Check out the instructions below on how to get Crossy Road downloaded for your Android smartphone and follow the link here to see how to get Crossy Road for PC. Both give easy and clear directions about how you can download Crossy Road for both Android and PC.

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Crossy Road apk Download

Crossy Road apk Download

Click here for Crossy Road apk Download for Android Officially.

The link above will send you straight to the Play Store Downloads section. From here, you can install the Crossy Road Android game. You need to have at least 50MB of storage available on your device to ensure the game runs properly. Using wifi will save on data. If you have any comments about the game, write in the section further down this page.

Please do write some comments below if you would like to tell us what you think about the game – or any comments on the download instructions for either format.


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