Try Contract Killer for PC (Windows 7, 8, XP)

In Contract Killer the aim is to kill all the people who are assigned as your tasks and get money in return. Contract Killer is one of the best action games developed for any tablets working on Android and similarly compatible smartphones. If you love shooting games, this is the game for you.

In Contract Killer you are an assassin, an enforcer and you have to finish off anyone who stands in your way. There are a lot of killers, criminals, mobsters who are moving freely in the city and you have to kill them all. Use different weapons with different scopes and kill anyone. Keep in touch with your contacts who will assign you secret missions which you have to complete.


Contract Killer is available for Android smartphones and tablets by download  from Google Play for free. To play this game on your computer you have to use one different method. It’s easy, you just need to install an app player called Bluestacks to download Contract Killer for PC. We will explain how to do this after we have explained all about the reasons for playing Contract Killer.

Features of Contract Killer

There are  a range of different missions to undertake in many locations. All the locations have their vantage points to target your aim. Reach the vantage point, aim your target and shoot it! There are many ways to make more money and gain further experience points. There is a choice of deadly weapons including handguns and machine guns, plus assault and sniper rifles.

How to Play Contract Killer on PC

Playing on a PC is effortless once you have installed Bluestacks app player. Get it here link and follow instructions to get it downloaded and installed.

Open Bluestacks and use the search field by typing the name ‘Contract Killer’. Press the return key.

It appears in the results. Open it, download it, install it. Done.

Get your weapons and start your contract killing right there on your Windows or Mac. What missions will you take?

Keep us informed of your progress below in the section reserved for comments.


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