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Adventure Capitalist for PC on Mac or Windows

Adventure Capitalist for PC

Adventure Capitalist is a business simulator game for Android smartphones that had a massive number of downloads at its time of release. When you play you are the owner of your city and the objective is to build an empire! Now you can play Adventure Capitalist on a PC too!

What’s great about Adventure Capitalist:

Adventure Capitalist is your business game based on strategy. You choose how to try to grow your business interests – buying up assets and expanding as you go. It’s incredibly addictive and with frequent upgrades, you can hire and fire, dominate the markets, form alliances and seek investors to boost your profits all the more!

There are a great choice of strategy decisions to make. From hiring managers to investing in other industries. Just as you may have squeezed cookies in games from the past, here you squeeze lemons to get more money.

Adventure Capitalist is easy to play but difficult to master but it will grip you as you try to outwit and defeat your business rivals in a quest to become the master capitalist.

Adventure Capitalist for PC

How to Play Adventure Capitalist Online for PC :

Adventure Capitalsit is a very easy to play but hard to master type of game where building a capital is easy but for managing it and taking it to the top is tough.

You can hire Managers to keep a track of your earnings and manage them in the most efficient way possible to help you build a large company.

Invest at new places to earn industries like Oil refineries,Movie Studio and Hockey Team and deposit your money in the bank.

Squeeze lemons (just like you squeezed cookies in old games ) to get more money to your collection.

Alliance with others and defeat the enemies to be the most powerful capitalist.

Tutorial to Download Adventure Capitalist for PC :

Beware of fake games online going by the same name. These don’t give you the genuine game and will damage your PC. You can get the real thing by first downloading a cracking piece of software called Bluestacks. This is the superb software solution that will give you access to all Android apps and games on your PC

You’ll need a solid internet connection but now download it and install. You’ll get asked to enter your Google details – but that will let you access the Play Store. Search for the game and click on the Install tab.

Adventure Capitalist is all good to go! Start making some money!




Adventure Capitalist for PC


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